Restoration?  Recondition?  What's Next?

Mazda RX-7 [FD3S], Product Development -

Restoration? Recondition? What's Next?

I know we're always looking for new parts... but some stuff is just not available. Are people interested in restored parts? Check out these pieces I just got back from a local company that does cadium, zinc, oxide and more! Would people be interested in buying parts outright? Or doing some sort of core exchange? Or "nah."?

I feel like we're at that junction where the "collectors" are starting to creep in and buy low mileage stuff... which to me says the "restorers" are next. "Yes it has 100K - but EVERYTHING has been cleaned/replaced/restored... So gimmie $50K." You see this tread with E30 M3s that have been gone over with a fine tooth comb and pulling good money.

The Rockbunnies will always be around (people are still LS swapping E30 M3s after all) but those cars don't really care about clean OEM parts.

I mean, if your car isn't a 9000 mile time capsule... and you're not into tucking and shaving all the things. Then this might be a good option. You see it now with old Hakosukas, RX3s & 240Zs - so why not the FD3S?