Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] Mazdaspeed Catalog - Circa 2000

Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] -

Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] Mazdaspeed Catalog - Circa 2000

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Front Spoiler Carbon

Front Spoiler (Carbon)

QCD7 50 910
Replacing it with the standard lip spoiler, the aerodynamic performance is greatly improved. By finishing the surface of the material with a clear gel coat, it brings out the feeling of carbon material and can be installed in a lacy atmosphere even without being painted.

Can be installed on chassis number 500001 or later

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Rear Spoiler Carbon Rear Spoiler (Carbon)

QFD1 51 971
Replace the rear spoiler wing. It has been developedafter long-term wind tunnel experiments, and has achieved improvements in aerodynamic performancewithout extreme changes in shape and size.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed GT-C Front Bumper GT-C Front Bumper

QCD7 50 910
Front nose that demonstrates high combat strength on circuit driving. It improves cooling performance and reduces air resistance, such as direct fresh air ducts with an increased duct opening area and side outlets that reduce the internal pressure behind the oil cooler. In addition, the lip spoiler part is slant-shaped, and the lower end of the nose is lowered by 15 mm. The speed of the air on the body side is increased with the side canard.

Fog lamp stay (QCD7 50 970)

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed GT-C Rear Wing GT-C Rear Wing

QCD7 50 920
Rear wing with three adjustable angles. The blade cross-sectional shape suppresses the increase in air resistance and lift in the high speed region, and the vanes rectify air flowing backward. As angle adjustment of up to about 15 degrees is possible, we can set according to driving scene.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Front Combination Lamps Front Combination Lamps

QFD1 51 060
Lamp arrangement follows the mass production model. Abolish the cover to create a sharp and sharp look and sportiness, and the unique color of the bezel makes it distinctive. Set with FRP bezel(unpainted), blinker and position lamp. We can attach to bumper number after chassis number 500001

Fog lamp stay with conversion connector for harness number before 500000 chassis (QCD7 50 970)

RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed Aero Mirror Set Aero Mirror Set

QFD1 69 120
Reduces the size of the mirror cover and contributes to the reduction of the CD value by keeping the front projection area small. With motorized adjustment function of mirror.

Motorized storage mechanism can not be used

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed GT Rear Wing GT Rear Wing

QCD7 50 910
High-mounted GT wing adopted. The wing area of ​​the wing was expanded as much as possible. In addition, by adjusting the wing angle, downforce can be obtained according to the driving scene.

  • High down force specification
  • Super endurance series '02 · designated aero parts
  • The photograph has removed the rear wiper and the attached side fin set
  • In the case of a standard rear spoiler non-equipped car, a genuine part is required separately
RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Sports Meter Link System Sports Meter Link System

QFD1 W2400
Meter (boost, oil temperature, water temperature), control unit, dedicated meter hood, attachment for attachment etc. are made into a kit to produce a stylish image. The meter itself has a self-diagnosis function, is highly reliable, and accurately conveys the engine condition in various situations. A dedicated meter hood and bracket ensure mounting strength and minimize reflection of meter lighting on the front window.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Sports Driving Meter Sports Driving Meter

QCD5 55 40Z
A meter set with red character and orange guidelines effectively designed based on off-white to enhance visibility and fashion. The speed is 300km/h, and the tachometer displays up to 10,000 RPM. When lit, the letters and pointers appear in red. It is not necessary to take up the normal meter.

  • Limiter will not be released
  • For MT vehicles. Excluding vehicles equipped with auto cruise control
  • Can not be installed on vehicles with chassis number 500001 ...
  • The carbon look dash panel of the photo is sold separately
RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed Speedometer Speedometer
QCD5 55 471 030

QCD5 55 471 060
Item which changed full scale to 300km/h while following the design of the dial of Mazda genuine speedometer. While keeping the design balance with other meters, appeal the driver the high performance of RX-7 casually. It is not necessary to take up the normal meter.

QCD5 55 471 030
  • red light
  • for car body number ~ 400000

QCD5 55 471 060

  • green light
  • for car body number 400001 ~ 500000
  • can be mounted on the car body number 50 0001 ~ 600000, but the design of the display is slightly different
RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Carbon Look Switch Panel Kit Carbon Look Switch Panel Kit

QFD1 68 400
Adopted in Bathurst R. Print the carbon ground of the race car feeling. The lid of the accessory case is also set. Only the driver's side was set. By wearing it together with the Carbon Look Dash Panel Set (QCD5 55 900A), the cockpit can be made more sporty.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Carbon Look Dash Panel Set Carbon Look Dash Panel Set

QCD5 55 900A
Carbon look dash panel that creates a sporty meter panel. A special technology called curl fit print faithfully reproduces carbon-like patterns. The meter panel and center console part are also included in the set.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Rear Mirror Cover Rear Mirror Cover (Carbon Look)

QYY1 V1 450 20
ABS resin cover to cover the room mirror body. The "MAZDASPEED" logo is placed on the carbon pattern print processing to enhance the sporty feeling of the front view.


RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed Intercooler Kit Intercooler Kit

QFD1 13 55X
Core thickness changed from standard 62mm to 106mm. While increasing the cooling efficiency by about 15%, pressure loss is reduced by changing the air intake and air supply pipes from those made of standard resin to cast aluminum that does not deform even under high pressure.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Radiator Radiator

QFD1 15 200
The core thickness has been increased by about 30% compared to the standard radiator, and the cooling performance has been improved. As a result, heat dissipation was prevented and the power pickup was improved at high speeds. In addition, a turn flow method is adopted to increase the cooling efficiency.

* The temperature may increase depending on driving conditions (such as traffic congestion) for sports driving.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Air Filter Air Filter

QF2D 13 321
Reduce intake resistance by about 20% without impairing the dust collection effect. The intake efficiency is improved, contributing significantly to the improvement of throttle response and fuel efficiency.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Air Separator Tank Air Separator Tank

QFD1 15 35X
Changed from standard resin tank to aluminum. A reinforced product that with stands continuous high loads for along time.

* With radiator cap (QA1D 15 205)

RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed High Performance Front Brake System High Performance Front Brake System

QFD1 33 00X
17-inch wheel compatible aluminum monoblock structure 4-pot caliber dedicated to large diameter brake rotors. The strength of the caliper itself is also improved by adopting a monoblock structure. Set the dedicated front brake pad, brake pad, "R-spec" rear and dedicated mounting parts.

  • Recommended use of brake line kit
  • Only for 17 inch wheel compatible large diameter brake rotor
  • When attached to 16 inch brake car, additional genuine parts are required
RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed R-Spec Brake Pads Brake Pad Set (R-Spec)
QFD2 49 280 - Front

QFD2 49 480 - Rear
The use in the circuit is also developed as a premise, the application temperature range is 30° C ~ 800° C and super Stable braking force and brake touch in high temperature range and high speed range. At the same time, it has achieved a neutral feel and ease of handling at low temperatures and low G, and has been finished to be compatible with street use. In addition, the wear life of the pad has achieved long life performance far exceeding that of the conventional non-metal sports pad so that continuous running can be repeated repeatedly even in high load circuit driving.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Reinforcement Steering Shaft Reinforcement Steering Shaft

QFD1 32 090A
The rubber bush hardness of the joint was changed to increase the torsional rigidity by 28%. * Rubber hardness improvement product


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Titanium Strut Tower Bar Front Titanium Strut Tower Bar

QFD1 56 48Z
Tower Bar, which has a major impact on handling,uses high-strength“twist” and “break” rigidity and lightweight titanium to achieve a high degree of balance. Since titanium has higher material strength than aluminum, it can be formed thin.


RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed Limited Slip Differential Limited Slip Differential

QFD10 64 A02
At the end of a corner entry, an activation limiting force is generated regardless of the on /off of the accelerator according to the difference in left / right rotation. Mechanical 2WAY type.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Sport Sound Muffler Sport Sound Muffler

QG1E 40 100
Achieved with an elaborate large diameter tail pipe, a burst of chest noise, and a suppressed quiet idling sound. The torque feel is also attractive. With security standard conformity certificate. Main pipe: 60.5mm, tail pipe: 89.1mm. All stainless steel (tail pipe: puff finish, main silencer is black heat resistant paint)

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Sports Suspension Sports Suspension

QFD1 30 001
The combination of a dedicated spring and a damping force fixed shock absorber realizes ideal vehicle height and damping characteristics. The friction of the piston is reduced, and the loss on initial movement is suppressed, resulting in a soft and supple behavior, which produces a ride that is not too hard while suppressing the roll. (Assembled)

* It is necessary to replace the Bilstein damper equipped car with a brake hose for standard damper.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Sport Springs Sport Springs

QCD5 34 01Z
Lowering springs jointly developed with Eibach GmbH. Achieve a dignified silhouette and stable and steerable maneuverability. Double rate type. Vehicle height: about 25mm down


RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed Strut Tower Bars Strut Tower Bars
QG1C 56 48Z - Front

QG1C 56 38 - Rear
Connect the left and right struts to the rigid body and increase the rigidity of the front of the body. Reduces the displacement of the suspension support due to lateral G and enhances the direct handling feel.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Power Plant Frame Power Plant Frame

QCD5 39 710
Integrates the powerunit and final drive unit with a powerplant frame (PPF), so its reinforcement is a shortcut to improving the drivetrain stiffness. Reinforced PPF realizes improvement of chassis rigidity without increasing weight by changing normal PPF to high strength hot-rolled steel sheet (reinforcing ratio is about 10% normal). By the accelerator ON / OFF addition to reducing the deflection of the drive train, the stress concentration and aging preventing the occurrence of cracks due to the maximum. In particular, mounting on an engine-tuned vehicle that is subject to a burden on the chassis is extremely effective. Bright red painted.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed B-Spec Brake Pads Brake Pad Set (B-Spec)
QCD5 49 280 - Front

QCD5 49 480 - Rear
That enable circuit driving, mainly for street driving. While using non-asbestos materials, we have specialized in the braking ability in the high temperature range in hard driving. Even when a severe usage condition occurs intermittently during circuit running, the μ (dynamic coefficient of friction) change that occurs on the pad surface is small, so it is possible to always exhibit stable and excellent control ability. Appropriate temperature covers up to about 600 ° C.

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Clutch Kit Clutch Cover & Metal Disc Set

QG1B 16 490
A sports item of crimp force 9.32kN (950kgf) to increase torque transmission. The clutch disc is made of metal. The shape and material of the pressure plate have also been changed to unique ones to improve durability.

Clutch cover QG1B 16 410

Metal clutch disc QG1B 16 460

RX7 FD3s Mazdaspeed Lightweight Flywheel Lightweight Flywheel

QCD5 11 500
Total cutting out of chromium molybdenum steel, ion nitrogen treatment on the surface, both balance lightness of 5.4kg and sufficient strength and durability.


RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed Low Temp Thermostat Low Temp Thermostat

QFD1 15 17
By setting the valve opening temperature lower than the standard car, the coolant is circulated in the engine at an early stage. This has made it possible to delay the decrease in engine output due to the increase in water temperature when driving a circuit or sport.

* Opening temperature 75 ° C

RX7 FD3S Mazdaspeed High Performance Spark Plug Wires High Performance Spark Plug Wires

QCD5 18 140
High performance plug cord with nickel chrome metal winding. Low resistance promotes smooth ignition of the plug and simultaneously achieves noise reduction. High-grade silicon is used for the insulating film and heat resistance is also improved.