Toyota Prado [150] TRD Style Grille

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The Toyota Prado 150 is a rugged offroader ready to hit the trails. Native to the Japanese and Australian market - the Prado 150 has seen a number of facelifts and it's most recent incarnation is arguably it's best.

However, the Prado 150 has never gotten a proper TRD treatment - so we set out to change that!  We took months and developed what we thought was the perfect TRD Style Grille for the front of this beast.

The Toyota Prado [150] TRD Style Grille fits ALL 2018+ Toyota Prado 150 models (also know as the 'second facelift') and comes complete with install hardware and weatherstripping for an OEM like install.  This will ALSO fit our Prado 150 Conversions for the 2010+ Lexus GX460.

Whether you're hitting the trails, climbing rocks or just running to the mall - the Toyota Prado [150] TRD Style Grille is for you.