Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] Titanium Shift Knob

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The MAZDASPEED Titanium Shift Knob is one of those pieces that just doesn't exist anymore.  It's beautiful, rare and perfect in every way.  When you can find them on the used market, they sell for upwards of $300 or more, but at that price - who can really justify it?

The original MAZDASPEED Titanium Shift Knob is small.  Like, too small.  So we took the look and design of the original and increased it by 50%.  Not only does this provide a PERFECT feel in the hand, but a fantastic weight (375 grams).  Made from Grade 2 titanium and manufactured to exact tolerances, this titanium knob is the perfect touch to any interior any looks perfect paired with our Titanium Parking Brake.

  • Based on the original MAZDASPEED shift knob design
  • Threads on OEM and aftermarket shifters (no set screws or inserts)
  • Weighs a heavy 375 grams to help with positive shifts
  • Matte Silver OR Burnt Finish
  • Grade 2 Titanium