Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] Titanium Dolphin Tip Exhaust

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A high quality, tame sounding and attractive titanium exhaust for the Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] has proven elusive.  Current titanium exhausts on the market are either obnoxiously loud or aesthetically unpleasing.  We set out to change that by paying homage to one of the most recognizable muffler / tip styles for the FD3S - but still allow you to customize the exact options to your preferences.

As the FD3S matures, a more refined exhaust note is desirable.  However, weight, flow and looks still need to be considered.  We did this by opting for two-piece full titanium construction keeping the weight to 15lbs.  The muffler routing and packing ensures sound output at a very livable 75.4db at idle and 97.7 at WOT (with GReddy DP and OEM cat).  Finally, the tip options include the classic Dolphin Tip (single or dual) as well as a classic Slash Cut (again, single or dual).

So what are you waiting for?  Time to setup to the ultimate titanium exhaust for your Mazda RX-7 [FD3S].


  • Full titanium from flange to tip
  • Low profile oval muffler
  • Quality packing for proper sound deadening
  • 3.0in (80mm) piping
  • Optional 3.5in (90mm) piping
  • Single 4.0in (100mm) 'Dolphin Tail' or 'Slash Cut' tip
  • Optional dual 2.0in (60mm) 'Dolphin Tail' or 'Slash Cut' tips
  • Choice of fully polished or matte finish muffler/tipA tame 75.4db at idle and 97.7db at WOT. No drone or snap, crackle 'n pop while cruising (sound recorded with GReddy DP, OEM cat, OEM twins).
  • Tips the scales at 15lbs (7.11kg)