Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] Spirit-R Titanium Key Blank

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I've always been jealous of the Z32 300ZX and NA1 NSX keys. If you're not familiar, the 300ZX got a titanium key and the NSX was an alloy called monel. Both are SUPER cool if you get a chance to hold one. Even cooler if you get to pop it in the ignition! Honestly, just the feeling of these in your hands sends a slight tinge of electricity through your fingers.

Bottom line is: I always thought the FD3S got the shaft with the original toilet bowl Mazda key. The Spirit-R, while awesome - is a far cry from the 300ZX or NSX keys. So, it's high time a car like the FD3S got the respect it deserved and a key to match it's commitment to lightweight, cutting edge performance.

For this design, we took a 3D scan of the Spirit-R key and flattened it out to a point where it gave the same electricity in your fingers that the 300ZX and NSX did. I added a concave area in the middle, so when you hold it between your forefinger and thumb it just...fits. The sandblasted finish adds a really nice quality unmatched by any other keys I've held.

As for cutting a titanium key, I recommend taking it to a local locksmith that could make quick work of it. The body is *identical* to a 93-95 OEM key, so matching that should be no issue at all.



1) Choosing the Right Locksmith

Please don’t take your key to a Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot. Most of them use automatic cutters that cut a key on both sides at once. Please take it to a qualified locksmith.

2) Cool Down Process

The titanium keys are made from Grade2 titanium (the lower the grade the softer the metal). The most commonly used grade is the Grade5 6AL4V titanium which is used for tow hooks, exhaust systems, etc.

The key cutting wheels are made from high speed steel and some of them are titanium coated, since a locksmith is accustomed to the softer brass and aluminum keys the high speed steel cutting wheel can cut them very easily. But here we have two very hard metals and a lot of friction/heat is generated while cutting.

The “key” (pun intended) here is to allow the key to cool down with each single cut each groove. Otherwise the titanium key will melt. Also please inform the locksmith to go easy with very light passes and not apply too much pressure on the lever while cutting. If cutting oil is available it can also help a lot. If they ruin or melt the key their excuses most of the time is the “key isn’t real titanium” (it is). So they must take their time while cutting this key.

3) Choosing the Proper Cutting Equipment

A manual cutter works best because the locksmith can see what is going on and has complete control on the process. Most dealers use an automatic machine that only does one side at a time. They work great if you allow them to cool before cutting the other side, keeping the original key in place and only flipping the blank.

4) Finding the Key Code / Cutting a New Master

It is recommended NOT to copy a worn key. A qualified locksmith can decode a worn out key, but cut it with a key code (and save them some time). The passenger side key cylinder has the key code stamped on it.

Some locksmiths also have a database with the key codes based on the VIN number.

If your key is worn, you should cut a new key from a code and then use THAT to cut your titanium key.

5) Cleaning and Deburring

Even if everything goes perfectly with your locksmith, you may still need to deburr or even file down left over metal.  Take your time and do it right.  At this point, the titanium that needs to be cleaned up should be thin enough to do things by hand.  Wire wheels, small files and patience are your friend.

6) Using your Key for the First Time

Maintain your locking mechanisms by applying oil to the locks (this is the main reason why the plastic door lock actuator breaks) the first time that you try the keys do not put too much force. It should go smooth verify if it aligns and matches with the previous key.

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Christian B.
United States United States

Really nice key - worth it

Holding the key and seeing it, I totally get it now. It seems silly to talk about a car key, but it just feels different, and the attention to detail that went into designing it hit it out of the park. The way it feels holding the head in your fingers has this extremely high end feel to it. It's super light too, and looks great.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Titanium key

Great quality and finish. Feels good in the hand, really pleased with it! Tip to prevent scratching, a bit of clear heat shrink over the key ring prevents contact with the key :).

eric h.
Australia Australia

Who doesn't love titanium?

Hard to say no to Titanium. Looks nice next to my NSX key.

Zach C.
United States United States

Amazing best key evarrrr

Great quality, exactly what I wanted! Also, excellent customer service. Buy one, you’ll love it

Clayton N.
Japan Japan

Worth every cent

These keys are really cool, and make the perfect finishing touch on any project RX7. Without the awesome people at Garage Alpha, I wouldn't even have the opportunity to own one of these keys, so to me the price is well worth it.