Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] 99Spec JDM Front Bumpers Lights / Turn Signals

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Went with a 99 Spec style front bumper on your RX-7? Nice. Now you need to buy everything you need for it, starting with bumper lights / turn signals. These black housing front turn signals for the 99Spec Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] look way better than chrome housings, and don't break the bank like OEM.

These Mazda RX-7 [FD3S] 99Spec Front Lights include plug n play harnesses for 93-95 cars along with halogen bulbs. The driving lights are a T10 bulb and the turn signals are a 1156 bulb.

These are also perfect for DIY project like LED or HID upgrades. Get crazy with it!