Lexus GX460 [150 - Pre-Facelift] TRD Style Grille

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The Lexus GX460 is the evolution of an absolute legend.  Don't let the Lexus badge fool you, the GX is a capable offroader with Lexus comfort, V8 power and Toyota durability. 

As a nod to it's Toyota roots and to give it a bit of a tougher look, we took months to develop what we thought was the perfect TRD Style Grille for the front of this beast.

The GX460 TRD Style Grille fits the 2010-2013 Lexus GX PRE-FACELIFT models and installs with OEM like fitment.  There are however two caveats. First, you must remove the rubber weather stripping from your OEM grille and transfer it to your new TRD Style grille. Second, you must transfer the upper brackets and slightly trim them using a set of cutting pliers.

Additionally, this grille is setup to accept the OEM front facing camera, for owners without this, the mount is perfect for an aftermarket front facing camera of your own. 

We have VERIFIED fitment with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) and Pre-Collission System (PCS).  If your vehicle has DRCC or PCS and you wish to retain it, our TRD Style Grille WORKS with no modification.

Whether you're hitting the trails, climbing rocks or just running to the mall - the Lexus GX460 TRD Style Grille is for you. 


- TOYOTA or LEXUS Nameplate - Pick from the sophisticated 'LEXUS' or the rugged 'TOYOTA' Namplate 

- Set of 3 Raptor Style Lights w/ Wiring (+$30) - Add a trio of Raptor Style lights to complete the look.


Check out this awesome review / install video by our friend Jake McCurdy @WastingTimeInTheWoods if you need some install tips:

1) You need to transfer your OEM weatherstripping from your OEM grille to your TRD Style Grille.  This is done by carefully pinching the retainer studs and pushing them up and through the grille.  If you don't have your original weatherstripping or want to purchase a new one, the Lexus part number is 53395-60050.

2) You need to transfer and slightly trim the radiator grille brackets from your OEM grille to your TRD Style Grille.  This is done by using a set of cutting pliers and snipping off the 'half moon' shaped edge just after the second hole.  If you don't have your original radiator brackets or want to purchase new ones, the Lexus part number is 53115-60030 (x2).

GX460 Radiator Bracket - Pre TrimGX460 Radiator Bracket - Trimmed

IMPORTANT: If you are not comfortable with installing the grille or Raptor Lights yourself, PLEASE seek the help of an experienced body shop.