Toyota Supra [MKIV] TRD Style Titanium Front Strut Tower Bar

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Are you ready to drop jaws when you pop your hood? The Garage Alpha Titanium Front Strut Tower Bar will do just that.

The most iconic Toyota Supra strut tower bar is arguably the TRD version. This strut bar is heavy duty and shows it with its double barreled bars. But what it never was, was light! We set out to change that by using the strongest and lightest material at our disposal - titanium. It weighs in a bit over 3 pounds and available in burnt or matte finish.

Fits all USDM and JDM models.

  • Fits 1998-2002 Toyota Supra [MKIV]
  • Grade 1, Ti-64 Titanium
  • Burnt Finish or Matte Silver
  • Weighs a scant 3lbs