Lexus GX470 [120] TRD Style Grille - PRE-ORDER

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We didn't really want to do a pre-order - but it seems we severely underestimated customer response.  If we're being completely honest, we were going to start with a run of 50 - but we've had over 300 interested folks asking for these - so we need to dial in the initial production run a bit better so people aren't left out.  Additionally, we need to have a better grasp on TOYOTA vs LEXUS badges and who wants Raptor Style lights.

With the hopes of having this go as smoothly as possible, here are some expectations we have of ourselves and of you.

1) The ETA is 60 days.  We're expecting the full production run to be delivered in August/September.  There are always potential delays in manufacturing, shipping (remember Ever Given?) and just good 'ol unknown unknowns.  So please remember, the 'E' in ETA means 'Estimated' not 'Exact'. 

2) You will be charged up front for the parts and shipping - but pre-orders get a $50 discount.  Your credit card company and/or PayPal covers you for non-delivery of an item for up to six months.  We're aiming to have this to you in two.

3) You can cancel your pre-orders anytime you want with zero cancellation fee.  But if you're on the fence, it's probably best to wait.  Please reach out for a cancellation / refund.  Chargebacks are never necessary. 

4) You can return the grille if you are not happy with it after receiving it.  No restocking fee as long as it's still in 'like new' condition.

5) Please don't send us weekly e-mails asking for status of the grille.  We get it, we get anxious for parts we ordered too!  But it severely impacts our ability to provide customer service to shippable orders.  Remember there's only one of us - but hundreds of you.  We will update social media (IG @urj150) with the latest news - good or bad.  We want these just as much as you do!

6) Please be respectful.  We do this because we love the community.


The Lexus GX470 is a brawler in a fine suit.  Don't let the Lexus badge fool you, the GX is a capable offroader with Lexus comfort, V8 power and Toyota durability. 

As a nod to it's Toyota roots and to give it a bit of a tougher look, we took months to develop what we thought was the perfect TRD Style Grille for the front of this beast.

The GX470 TRD Style Grille fits ALL 2003-2009 Lexus GX models and comes complete with install hardware and weatherstripping for an OEM like install.

We even came up with a couple of options to ensure this grille fits your needs perfectly.  Pick from the sophisticated 'LEXUS' or the rugged 'TOYOTA' Namplate and add a trio of Raptor Style lights (+$30) to complete the look.

Whether you're hitting the trails, climbing rocks or just running to the mall - the Lexus GX470 TRD Style Grille is for you. 


- TOYOTA or LEXUS Nameplate

- Set of 3 Raptor Style Lights w/ Wiring (+$30)