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As a general rule, I don't really allow food and drink in the car. No Big Gulps, no fast food... but I do like to have a coffee on early morning drives or water through out the day. However, aside from between my legs or on the passenger seat (or passengers hands) - there really isn't a good cup holder solution.

Yeah, I know. There's a replacement "cup holder" for the ashtray. But that's not really a great place since you're constantly elbowing it on shifts - plus there's virtually no depth - so stability is nil. I've seen some other solutions that require drilling holes into trim. Yeah. Not gonna happen.

So here's what we set out to do...

1) Non-Intrusive. I don't want to be banging it while I'm shifting or have it obstruct my line of vision or access to the glove box or anything else.
2) Non-Permanent. I want to be able to remove it if I don't need it (track days, detailing, etc).
3) Functional. I want it to actually hold a bottle of water in a spot where I can access it.
4) Aesthetically Pleasing. I want it to look OEM or at least "pretty good".
5) Ambidextrous. This will work for both LHD and RHD cars. Or more specifically, passenger side, driver side or both.

A couple notes...

1) I've tested it with the pictured Contigo, a 20oz, a cheap $1 bottle of water, various Starbucks and fast food cups. Almost all work, but there's limits. No Big Gulps. No single cans.
2) The cup holder limits travel on the seat a tad. You can't move your seat ALL the way up. But I'm 5'10” - sit very close (I don't fully extend my knee on clutch in) and I don't have any issues.
3) The cup holder sits in a nice 'dead spot' for my driving position. But if you drive a little more 'bow legged' the passenger side mount might make more sense.

NOTE: These are priced PER SIDE and listed as Driver Side / Passenger Side according to USDM/LHD configurations.  A "Driver Side" cup holder will fit a RHD passenger compartment.

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Jon S.
United States United States

Great product

Very happy with the experience

oscar p.
United States United States

FD RX7 Cup holder

shipping was quick and easy. the product is a quality piece, installation is very fast, and reversible if you want to remove at any time. this is a quality piece, filling a void the FD community has been needing for some time. thanks G.A. real MVP's!

Felicia R.
United States United States

What a great company

Great over all experience can't say enough how great this company is

David H.
United States United States

Great company

Excellent products and service. Highly recommended!

John D.
United States United States

Better Cup Holder

This item has an OEM appearance in the vehicle, and is very functional. Finally, resolved another long term issue. Thanks again!